Canada has spoken.
Our consultations have resulted in unified agreement that moving forward with a Canadian Autism Partnership is essential if we are to collectively improve better outcomes for individuals and families living with autism.

We are better together. 

This statement, so simple a premise, embodies the crux of the Canadian Autism Partnership model. 

All of our provinces and territories are working hard to find solutions, but operate in isolation from their peers across the county. As a result, the services and resources are inconsistent, and many Autistic individuals – along with their families and caregivers – are facing significant challenges and often insurmountable barriers.

The Canadian Autism Partnership Project, led by a Working Group of experts representing the diverse sectors of the nation’s Autism community, as well as seven dynamic Autistic self-advocates from across Canada, consulted with 5,000 Canadians from coast to coast to coast. When asked for input in the development of a business plan for a Canadian Autism Partnership model, the response was overwhelming - with one constant sentiment emerging: Our community needs coordinated leadership and collaborative partnerships if we are to sustain our hope.

In every corner of this country, there was no shortage of hope. A hope that is so passionately expressed in the video of our Project’s self-advocates expressing their heartfelt desires for the establishment of a Canadian Autism Partnership.

The Executive Summary for CAP’s business plan, “Better Together: A Canadian Autism Partnership” is now available. Read the report...

In November 2016, Canada’s Minister of Health, Jane Philpott, was presented with a business plan for a partnership platform that would effectively bring together provincial and territorial governments, leaders in the Autism community, researchers, health providers and most importantly, Autistic individuals along with their families and caregivers,  in order to address the complex issues pertaining to Autism. 

On this site you’ll find details on the proposed Canadian Autism Partnership Model as well as information about our consultations. 

Woven through all of these materials you’ll find the hope we speak of. Hope that has been sustained by a belief that we can, and must, do better, together. 


On behalf of all Canadians with autism, their families, friends and the professionals who support them, we will: - Prepare a comprehensive plan for the development of a Canadian Autism Partnership in Canada. Read more ...



The images you see on these web pages are the work of men and women across Canada who are living with autism. We thank them for sharing their artistic vision with us. Learn more about these artists ...


Community Engagement

Individuals and organizations from all ten provinces and three territories have provided valuable input to the project. Read more ...